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Sleep: The Wonder Drug

Greater than any pill, tonic or fad diet is the power of sleep to heal. Essential and often elusive, adequate, restful sleep plays a vital role in securing lifelong health. Influencing hormones and immune function, sleep has a ripple effect of consequences that impacts nearly every aspect of our physiology. Read More…


Why Bring Naturopathic Oncology to Flagstaff?

What it means to be diagnosed with cancer in 2019 is in many ways vastly different from what it meant only a few decades ago. The treatments, options and outcomes for various types of cancer continue to improve; but at the same time, the focus of many physicians (and people with cancer) is simply killing the cancer at whatever cost. 

Naturopathic oncology takes aim at the cancer but keeps the focus of care fixed firmly on the individual. Read More…


Using Prolotherapy to Heal Damaged Cartilage, Ligament, Tendons

Prolotherapy falls under the umbrella of regenerative injections, and thetwo are used interchangeably. Regenerative injections are intended to heal painful areas in our bodies by generating new, healthy tissue. With regenerative injections, a needle is inserted into the area being treated and a solution is injected to stimulate the healing process. Read More…


Sharing Success Stories of Regenerative Injections

Last month, I wrote about some of the nuts and bolts of prolotherapy. This month, I’m sharing stories of some of the patients who have had success with this treatment. Read Success Stories…


Considering Naturopathic Oncology for Treating Breast Cancer

Think about our biggest choices in life…a car, a house, who we want to spend our lives with…. with those, do people generally rush into a decision and hope for the best?

For most people, the greater the expense or the deeper the commitment, the more effort is spent weighing all the options available before making a decision.

Should it be any different when someone is diagnosed with breast cancer? Read More…