Naturopathic Oncology

When we say that Aspen Integrative Medical Center is the first clinic in Northern Arizona to offer naturopathic oncology, it's actually a pretty big deal.

Naturopathic oncologists are naturopathic physicians, board certified in naturopathic oncology, and focused on the treatment of people with cancer using the core of naturopathic medicine, our precepts, and unique treatment approaches.

When naturopathic and conventional medicine combine, we feel that no option is left on the table.  Naturopathic oncology is dedicated to pursuing the best possible outcomes for the patient.  Some options that may be employed by a naturopathic oncologist include:

  • Anti-cancer treatments
  • Homeopathic Therapeutics
  • Nutrition
  • Botanical medicine
  • IV therapy
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Care of the physical frame
  • Mind-body medicine
  • Vitamins and Supplements

How do you know that someone is qualified as a naturopathic oncologist?
"The OncANP (Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians) supports advanced training of Naturopathic Doctors in Oncology.  Successfully board-certified members are awarded the status of Fellow by the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology (FABNO).  These Fellows meet the highest standard of the profession." - (OncANP description of Naturopathic Oncology).

At AIM, we are proud to have two FABNO physicians in our midst, including the Founding-President of the OncANP, Dr. Dan Rubin.

Through our years of experience, we've come to know how important quality of life is when someone is fighting, or recovering from cancer.  Necessary medicines, or the disease itself can cause side effects that totally change how life works and sometimes those changes are debilitating.

We don't just want to help people live; we want to help them live well!  We have a host of therapies that are designed to build strength, the ability to stay active, improve appetite, to have the strength to be with loved ones.  No matter how it feels sometimes, remember, life is so much more than just the treatments you go through or the diagnosis you have.

AIM offers an integrative approach to the person with cancer and our physicians are experts at helping you achieve a safe and effective combination of natural therapies with conventional treatments, reduced side effects as well as restored health and vitality after completion of cancer treatments.  However, our clinic also has programs for those that cannot tolerate conventional therapy, those for which conventional therapy has failed them and certainly for those that have chosen not to undergo any conventional therapy.


In this video, Dr. Rubin explains naturopathic oncology.


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