Our Medicinary

While the individual contents of our medicinary are subject to change, these are some of the basic components to our medicinary.  You are very welcome to contact us to see if we carry a specific supplement or product.  You can also rest assured that the products we do carry are screened by our physicians and are not chosen lightly.



Many people don't get enough of the vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need to function optimally.  Giving your body what it needs is especially important when attempting to prevent, or fight illness.  Supplements can include vitamins, minerals, botanicals, amino acids, enzymes, metabolites, constituents, and extracts.

While the food that we eat can certainly contribute to the overall nutrients that we take in, many nutrients aren't available enough in the foods we eat, and our doctors may suggest that you supplement your intake with a targeted dose.  (That's why they're called supplements after all).



Homeopathics are targeted to increase the bodies response to specific reactants.  Generally, if the body has too much of a reaction to something, and it's unable to manage it effectively, it needs help to be able to overcome that negative reaction.

Homeopathics are designed to very slightly trigger the same reactions, we're talking on a very small scale so that the body can 'learn' how to more effectively manage more powerful exposures.

Just like any substance which can have an effect on the body, combining different homeopathics can cause unexpected side-effects.  That's why if you're interested in trying homeopathic solutions, it's important to consult a trained physician, and let them determine the best course of treatment.



Tinctures are a convenient way to get a custom blend of herbs specifically tailored to a patient's needs.  The herbs in a tincture are generally extracted using alcohol because it's good for obtaining the constituents and preserves them for a long time.

Naturopathic physicians take multiple courses about herbs and how they interact with each other and with prescription medications.

Although some tinctured herbs are sold over the counter, we recommend checking with your doctor before incorporating them into your wellness plan.