Our Office

Medical care doesn't just come from treatments, therapies, and procedures.  The entire experience that you have in our clinic is part of the care that you receive.  We want your visit to be comfortable, and your experience at our clinic to facilitate your overall wellness.  To that end, we work to ensure that your entire experience at Aspen Integrative Medical Center, from the first phone call to the feel of our treatment rooms is designed with you in mind.


Our Front Desk

The first interaction patients have with our clinic is at our front desk.  Our staff makes every effort to ensure that you not only have a good experience before seeing our physicians but that you also leave with a good understanding of what's next.  After your visit, our front desk staff will go over any doctor's orders, make sure you're set with any lab work that needs to be ordered, and that you're scheduled for any follow-ups.

A Convenient Location

Located in downtown Flagstaff, Aspen Integrative Medical Center is a convenient location for people looking for naturopathic care in Northern Arizona.  

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Ease of Access

With both a private lot and street parking available, you'll always find a good place to park.  We're also handicap accessible, so making it in for treatment is a breeze.


Our IV Area

Our IV room is spacious and comfortable.  Whether you're working, reading, or having a nap, it'll be easy to pass the time while receiving your IV.

Take a Quick Video Tour of Our Office

Have a sneak-peek inside Aspen Integrative Medical Center.