Our Services

While the exact services we offer will vary from patient to patient as their case dictates, the following are services we frequently make use of in our clinic.  Our services aren't limited to the following but rise to meet the needs of our patients.


Our Office

Though not necessarily a service, we feel that the office space itself should have a positive, healing atmosphere.  Our offices are clean and professional.  We are located in downtown Flagstaff and are handicap accessible.  We have both on, and off-street parking, making it easy to get through our doors to your appointments.  We also have a spacious and comfortable IV therapy room, so IV therapy is a breeze.  We want your visit to be focused on healing, so our office is designed to facilitate that cause.


Regenerative Injections & Pain Management

Many people struggle with chronic joint pain, day by day.  This can range from minor aches and pains to becoming a confining limitation.  We offer therapies to stimulate the body's natural ability to repair damage and integrity in an attempt to eliminate subsequent pain without reliance on opioids.


Our Medicinary

We have a stocked medicinary of physician researched and approved supplements.  Some are only available through physicians, and not found in drug or vitamin stores.  This gives our patients the convenience and confidence that what they are provided is high quality and is a good fit with their treatment plan.


IV Therapy

Intravenous therapy is a mainstay of naturopathic clinics.  The use of intravenous therapies allows our physicians to tailor protocols to each individual patient.  With a wide variety of applications, from targeted vitamin absorption to immune support, IV therapy is a useful tool in a naturopathic doctor's toolbox.


Naturopathic Oncology

The first of its kind in Flagstaff, Aspen Integrative Medical Center has partnered with Naturopathic Specialists, LLC to provide a team dedicated to naturopathic oncology.  Our board-certified naturopathic oncologists and the rest of our cancer team provide care, options, and support for people with cancer, whether they are being treated conventionally or have chosen other treatment options.


Management of Chronic Illness

Chronic illness is a complex topic.  While it's easy to identify the symptoms of chronic illness, it takes experience to identify and treat the cause.  Our physicians are seasoned care providers that have the experience to identify and sort through the background of chronic illness and the co-factors that often accompany it.

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More Questions?

There are other areas that our physicians have a focused, and personal experience with.  If you're curious whether one of our doctors would be a good fit for you, give our office a call!

The front desk staff would be more than happy to answer your questions and talk about the work our doctors do.  If you would like, feel free to submit a question through our Contact Us page, or give us a call at this number:  (928) 213-5828.

We look forward to hearing from you!